“Debate is life…

“Debate is life…the rest is just prep time.”

The quintessential quote to explain the life of a debater…’nuff said.


The Mysteries of Adult Gift-Giving

The Mysteries of Adult Gift-Giving

Why do people think that when you grow older or become an adult, the only things you need for the holidays/Christmas are a set of porcelain serving bowls, and you’re set? But it’s not even that…it’s that EVERYONE feels the need to gift you with MULTIPLE sets of serving bowls, crystal cracker trays (seriously, why are there specialized trays for CRACKERS? Why not just provide specialized trays for, I don’t know, paper towels, for all the good it does you T.T), dipping sets (What’s wrong with just putting dip in a regular bowl and dipping the crackers in that, like past generations have always done? Exactly what aspect of the whole experience changes by suddenly using a dipping bowl? Are the aerodynamics different? the taste experience? The mystery persists…), and of course, the good ol’ ornaments-that-contain-a-mystery-substance that may or may not contain lotion, soap, potions, soup, shampoo, or quite possibly, a combination of all of them o.O

Anyways, as the holidays continue to get closer, I’m intrigued by what else our family friends think that we’re in dire need of for the holidaaaaays.