Back at it again with the blogging

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done this…three years, to be exact. Going back through these all posts, I’m remembering why I started a blog in the first place and also questioning how I even got so many views writing this kind of crap…not that it all is (except for the Kanye stuff; since when did I care about Kanye?) because some of it had some pretty important messages. BUT I’m back at the same point in life, so it’s time to start this back up again.

To start off, a teeny anecdote (HA when are any of my stories short :’)):

So, I just came back from Utah and sitting next to me is one of my latest pet projects, The Book of Mormon. Now, I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda skeptical at this point. First off, when we went to Temple Square, everybody (including the sisters) was like “Namaste! Do you know how to speak English?” Um, thanks…only lived in the US of A for the past 18 years, think I picked up a little of the lingo. And, of course, the “We have some sisters here of your origin…your people are so beautiful!” -.-  But then the indoctrination started :’)  After about 15 minutes, I ventured to ask what set apart Mormon faith from any other denomination. One of the replies was, “Well, we have the Word of Wisdom…so, we don’t drink tea, coffee, alcohol, or do drugs.” Why tea and coffee? “That’s how Satan gets to you…when you become addicted to something, the addiction controls your body instead of you controlling your body, so to avoid this temptation, we stay away from these substances altogether.” Which makes sense, I guess, except when I asked if the addiction was to caffeine, the sister went “Oh no, it’s literally the make up of the coffee or tea (I was thinking of that herbal antioxidant crap, so I’m not terribly sure how you can get addicted to that…plus, why would you want to?); we have no problem with caffeine…we drink sodas all the time.” Ookay because an addiction to caffeine taking over your body makes less sense than an addiction to…coffee beans?                                                                                                           BUT, after being assured that Jesus loves me and I can be reunited with my family in heaven (HA joke’s on you…I’m Hindu; we get reincarnated), I decided to give the book a try because almost every one of them said that it clarified any question they had ever about their sorrows or life in general, and Lord knows I could use some right about now. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

’til next time, chickadees.


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